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Seeking model for photo taking in the Brno and South Moravian region

I'm looking for a model or models to shoot portrait, full-body, and part-body in detail photography in the form of TFP cooperation to build and expand my portfolio. I am seeking predominantly in Brno and the South Moravian region. Arrangement of set up, arrival and shooting alone will be arranged on phone agreement. Thank you for your written offers, please contact me via the contact page.

Parody on intelligence

Someone would object, that story or joke introduced below is old one and has nothing to do with photography at all, however in my opinion, it fully depicts the nature of mind of some people in this world who like interfering with the activities of the others, e.g. if they find you making photographs in places where in their mind you should not be present etc.. I do not make a fun of old people not knowing anything about authorship, copyright, owners, and models releases.

Upgrade of Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Pro

After a long term decision taking and making I have finally made the last step to upgrade my computer with Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Pro. I have considered many aspects before I did this final step. First of all, many colleagues of mine assured me that there is really limited time period to get Windows 10 for free, in case of upgrade. I think this offer lasts until May 2016, but I am not sure.

Searching motives

Recently, I was desperate where to go to shoot and what to shoot. I have felt a bit desperate as I commute to and fro work and those few street shots are very often not the right one. I mean not something I would like to go back, open and watch again neither to publish or share. Of course there are some exceptions.

However, recently I watched some videos on how to use light with its variations and it make my mind. I decided to see the same in different perspective but I was not sere hat the results will be.

Homeless on the street

Cities are full of people without their own homes, there are full of homeless. Most of them are men, some of them are also women, and we can meet them every day in the streets, while we are either going to work, shopping, or just waiting for public transport. Some people shun homeless because they not only look different, they also smell different.

New camera on the way

Finally, today my order for brand new DSLR Pentax K-3 was confirmed and I can expect brand new camera by the end of the week. That means that old and reliable Nikon is going to retire soon and I hope new pictures would be improved in its quality. Anyway, I am looking forward to unpacking the boxes and you will consider the first results…

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