USENET.NL – scam experience

Please take the following few lines as a friendly warning only how to avoid scam. I believe everyone is searching and trying to find information and from time to time some sources over the internet. However, I have not experienced for a long time and in the 21st century such a crooked web site with fraudulent services as ‘’ offers.

To be honest I was searching for some Drupal templates and one of the links offered was directed to this site, presented itself, as a cloud offering 14 day free trial period.

It was suspicious that you cannot at least try to search for the content before registering etc. In the end I decided to register a provide payment detail. And this was mistake as desired content was not present there. Immediately cancellation process has started, but.

The word but is necessary to exaggerate as to cancel free subscription or subscriptions generally is not easy, given password does not work, new is necessary to generate and then try to cancel again and if the three or four steps process of cancellation likely finishes, huge screens appears saying that to finally end cancellation personal phone call either to US or UK is needed.

To my surprise none of the numbers were active I mean no one answered none of them, so written request via an e-mail to cancel free was sent out and this moves client to a higher level.

Having checked bank account, there was discovered that 1 EUR has been withdrawn for 14 day free service normally charged in USD. Bank card had to be blocked and as comparing the ‘’ system free 14 day period is charged with invoice for 0 USD. New request was written to return money back.

They ‘’ finally replied and cancelled account after four days but no money back was mentioned even though requested. There are huge discrepancies in services advertised and currency to be charged. They state USD and you pay in EUR, however, for a free service. Bank account needs to be double checked

To conclude avoid ‘’ (Via XXV Marzo, 4, 47895 Domagnano, San Marino) as much as you can. This is a 21st century scam and nothing else and I am really surprised how such a bugger can still exist on the internet in the 21st century.