Stop tracking your activity on the internet

Hello everybody, If you use internet for work, entertainment, obtaining information, communication or whatever, you probably got fed up with numerous ads popping up whenever you do not expect it. Furthermore, you receive, from time to time, unwanted e-mails offering all and nothing from companies you have never heard of. Have you ever think of what the problem is, what is going on?

I do not want to sound as a paranoiac but we all are tracked and spied. Our activity on the internet is collected and data sent out to people, companies who pay for it regardless what GDPR says.  In case if you want to minimize the ability to monitor your activity on the Internet by your ISP or third party companies (cookies) try installing ‘Ghostery’ into your web browser. Maybe you know it, maybe not.

I have just used it for Firefox only by now and going to find substitutions for the other browsers. At first I did not believe to its functionality, however after few clicks on internet newspaper I realized how many unknown companies try to track my personal data from the activity on the net. Not sure if people know it and how reliably it works, but I think it is at least worth to test.